10 Nov 2005

Fiji public servants to get COLA payment

9:42 pm on 10 November 2005

The Fiji government has given an assurance that it will definitely pay the Cost of Living Adjustment awarded to all public servants by the permanent arbitrator last month.

The chairman of the public service commission, Stuart Hugget, has told Radio Legend that they are working with the ministry of finance to find the almost 20 million US dollars to make the payment.

Mr Hugget says he is dealing with the matter with urgency and the payment will be made quickly once the details are worked out.

Mr Hugget's announcement comes a day after the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions said it would take industrial action if both the Cost of Living Adjustment and payments due under the Performance Management System are not paid by the end of this month.

The permanent arbitrator, William Callancini, has handed down a graduated increase ranging from 14 Fiji dollars a week to the lowest paid, 10 dollars a week for those on middle incomes and 7 dollars a week for those at the higher end of the pay bracket.

The increases will be backdated to the January 2004.