21 Nov 2005

Reports that more former Fijian soldiers will soon join colleagues in Bougainville

8:33 pm on 21 November 2005

A report from Papua New Guinea claims that the Fijian mercenaries operating in Bougainville expect more of their colleagues from Fiji to join them by the end of this month.

Radio Fiji reports that the claim has been made in the Papala Chronicle, the official newspaper of the self-proclaimed Royal Kingdom of Papala based in Tonu.

Papala is the brainchild of Noah Musingku, who is wanted for running the money scam, U-Vistract.

The paper quotes one of the Fijians, Freddy Rokondi, who has been dubbed U-Vistract's so called chief governor in Fiji, as saying another 50 Fijians will arrive on Bougainville.

The Papala Chronicle also confirmed that the men belonged to the Ronin High Risk Security Company formed by the leader of the gunmen in the Fiji coup, Ilisoni Ligairi.

Meanwhile, the PNG high commissioner in Suva, Peter Eafeare, is quoted as saying they have information that dozens more Fijian men are being trained to join the group in Bougainville.

In another development, Fiji's high commissioner in PNG, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, says be believes the man behind the mercenaries, Noah Musingku, is trying to cut off contact between them and the high commission.

Ratu Inoke said he tried unsuccessfully all weekend to reach the Fijians but was fobbed off.

A National Security Council meeting in Port Moresby has decided that it will act to remove the mercenaries if the Bougainville autonomous government is unable to do so.