24 Nov 2005

Fiji minister says two people spread HIV deliberately

4:30 pm on 24 November 2005

Fiji's health minister says two people who are HIV-positive are deliberately spreading the virus in the country.

The Daily Post quotes Solomone Naivalu as saying the health ministry is monitoring the two, a man and a woman, who are infecting others with the virus which causes AIDS.

Mr Naivalu says the ministry has received complaints about the two who are not a couple.

He says it is such cases which have prompted the ministry to begin work on preparing laws to criminalise the willful spreading of the HIV/Aids virus to others and make it a prosecutable offence under the Penal code.

Meanwhile, the World Young Women's Christian Association has appealed to the authorities to make more female condoms available in the country.

It says only about 12 million female condoms are available worldwide whereas there are about 9 billion male condoms.