24 Nov 2005

Nauru lists development needs ahead of donor conference

4:20 pm on 24 November 2005

Nauru has identified priorities for development ahead of a meeting of donor countries and agencies next week.

A donor roundtable meeting has been organised by the Pacific Islands Forum as the financially struggling island endeavours to rebuild its economy and infrastructure.

Representatives from around 20 donor countries and organisations are expected to attend the meeting.

A senior Samoa public servant, Iulai Lavea, has been working with the Nauru Government to develop a Sustainable Development Plan which will be the presented to the prospective donors.

He says the Plan lays out a number of areas needing working over the next three years.

"And that is health, education development, infrastructure in terms of power supply, transport - that is shipping, freight, to facilitate trade, and you also look at the governance issues."