26 Nov 2005

Samoa Medical Council urged to be vigilant in hiring foreign doctors

8:26 am on 26 November 2005

There's been a call for the Samoa Medical Council to be vigilant in the hiring of expatriate doctors.

The call comes from an unnamed senior doctor quoted by the Samoa Observer.

The doctor said that it would be easy to cut corners in the screening process in the rush to employ doctors.

He said the Samoa Medical Council must ensure that all potential hires are thoroughly checked and issued certificates to practice before they are "let lose in the field.

The comments follow the resignation of 20 doctors last week after an unsuccessful 10 week strike.

The Samoa Medical Council is the body which issues certificates for doctors to practice in the country.

A former government doctor has questioned whether all doctors from China, and India, now working at the national hospital have certificates.

The CEO of the Health Ministry, Palanitina Toelupe who chairs the Council, has assured that the expatriate doctors have been thoroughly checked and they have been approved by the Council to practice.