28 Nov 2005

Vanuatu Internal Affairs minister to make final decision on banning religious leader

7:16 am on 28 November 2005

Vanuatu's Internal Affairs minister, George Wells, says he expects to reach a final decision today over whether to allow South Korean religious leader ,Sun Myung Moon, in to the country.

Controversy surrounds Reverend Moon's planned one-day visit to Port Vila on December 5th.

Christian groups are especially concerned, objecting to the evangelist's claim to be the Messiah.

But advocates of freedom of expression and democracy say it would be wrong to ban him.

George Wells says the Internal Affair ministry is waiting for advice from the State law Office on the legality of the visit:

"We want to make sure that whatever decision the government takes must be in line with the law. We don't really want to break any laws regarding the coming of Moon. Because the constitution clearly states that we have a freedom of religions and all sorts of freedoms that we don't want to affect also."