29 Nov 2005

Two former Fiji soldiers leave Bougainville to "clear the air" in Port Moresby

2:35 pm on 29 November 2005

Two former Fiji former soldiers have flown out of the Papuan New Guinea province of Bougainville on their way to the capital, Port Moresby.

The pair are part of a group of eight who have been in the Siwai provincial settlement of Tonu allegedly training locals in military skills.

The group is there at the invitation of a conman and self-styled principal of the so-called Kingdom of Papala, Noah Musingku.

A Fiji diplomat from the High Commission in Port Moresby entered the rebel-held area during the weekend and has convinced the two ex-soldiers to leave with him.

A Buka-based Post Courier journalist, Gorethy Kenneth, says the men had Noah Musingku's permission to leave.

"Musingku, he actually released the two soldiers basically to come and clear the air on what they are doing in Siwai. The two soldiers are not saying anything, all they are saying is 'we've been released to come and clear the air and that's it. We'll go to Port Moresby and that's it'. They're not saying they are going to Fiji or they're going back to Tonu."

A Post Courier journalist, Gorethy Kenneth.

The men will be interviewed in Port Moresby by police and officials from PNG's foreign affairs department.

The controversy over the Fijians' alleged activities has angered the PNG government and embarrassed Suva.