30 Nov 2005

Seconded bureaucrat says Nauru people accept need for change

11:42 am on 30 November 2005

One of the people involved in compiling Nauru's National Sustainable Development Strategy says the people of the financially stricken island know there has to be an attitude change.

Iulai Lavea, a Samoan public servant seconded by the Pacific Islands Forum to help the Nauru government with the strategy, says there has been widespread community involvement in putting it together.

The strategy is the cornerstone of an appeal today to donor nations who will be asked to help rebuild the country.

But the long term aim is a more self reliant Nauru and Mr Lavea says the people recognize the need for this.

"One of the key messages that we found was that there is certainly a need for a shift in attitude. A change in the way they think,the way they do things, and I think more towards the concept of self-reliance - you know, fetching for themselves. The situation is completely different from what they were used to years back."