2 Dec 2005

Nauru government set to open up productive land for people

10:20 am on 2 December 2005

The Nauru government says it's vital that more land is made available for the people on the overcrowded island.

The Commerce and Industries Minister, Freddie Pitcher, says producing more land through the restoration of mined-out phosphate areas has long been a key demand by the community.

He says Nauru has one of the highest population densities in the Pacific because the people are forced to live exclusively on the coastal fringe.

Mr Pitcher says for this reason the new sustainable development strategy includes provisions to make more land accessible to the people.

"Not only for housing but to create things like cemeteries, critical at this stage, we need to make water reservoirs, we need to allow people to start livelihoods by agricultural plots, horticulture, we need lagoons where we can start aquaculture, it's just absolutely critical because we just don't have the land."