5 Dec 2005

General strike in French Polynesia ends

8:45 am on 5 December 2005

An unlimited general strike in French Polynesia has ended after four days following talks mediated by the French high commissioner.

The unions representing most employees of the French state and the territory had pushed for a repeal of the government's fiscal reform programme.

In the deal struck last night, the government agreed to abandon the planned introduction of a social security charge for 2006 which means a revenue shortfall of 17 million US dollars.

However, the rest of programme will be maintained and the assembly will meet tomorrow to continue its budget debate.

As part of its so-called Solidarity reform, the French Polynesian government wants to lift the basic salary to be closer to the French benchmark.

French public servants in Tahiti get paid an indexed salary that is 1.8 times the pay in France.