6 Dec 2005

New Caledonia's SLN faced with new union threat

9:37 am on 6 December 2005

A group of workers in New Caledonia has threatened to take action against the SLN nickel company if they won't get fully paid for November.

The workers of the SOENC union were prevented from doing their job for three weeks because of an unlimited strike by the CSTNC union which was settled last Friday.

The SOENC workers stayed away from work yesterday for a meeting at which the demands to SLN were formulated.

The strike at SLN is estimated to have cost the company more than 40 million US dollars.

The government of the southern province has lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor for the clean-up costs.

CSTNC backers dumped gravel and burnt tyres in the greater Noumea area for most of last week.