6 Dec 2005

Vanuatu government says Ambae needs food as volcano eruption continues

3:40 pm on 6 December 2005

The government of Vanuatu says people on the island of Ambae are in need of food supplies.

The Mount Monaro Volcano has been emitting ash and gas for more than a week and it has the potential to cause severe damage.

5,000 people living near the volcano have been moved to coastal areas where it is believed there is no immediate danger.

The Director-General of the Prime Minister's Office, Jean Sese, says international help will be needed to aid any evacuation if the situation calls for such action.

However Mr Sese the immediate need is for food.

"They've been living in those new places for the last week. Obviously they have been eating local food but there is already signs of shortage so the immediate emergency food relief items would be things like rice and canned fish and water."