6 Dec 2005

Nauru keen to relearn food gardening

7:31 pm on 6 December 2005

The Food and Agriculture Organisation says it is getting a very good response as it encourages Nauruans to start growing their own food.

Agriculture on the island has been largely ignored over the past two generations with the people relying on imported food.

With the collapse of the economy that is no longer possible, and food security, through the fostering of local agriculture, was part of a sustainable development strategy presented to aid donors last week.

Manase Felemi, of the FAO, says the organisation's been developing gardening skills with an emphasis on community plots, and this has been widely appreciated on the island.

"What we have found is that a lot of the people who come to the group training at the community level - not only have they participated in the preparation of the community plot, but they have gone back home and started preparing their own plots - making preparations to plant their own small gardens in the backyard, which is a very positive development in this project and it's a very encouraging sign."