16 Dec 2005

Fiji Labour Party file writs over Nadi municipal elections

2:11 pm on 16 December 2005

The Fiji Labour Party has filed yet another High Court writ.

The Daily Post reports this time it is against the Nadi Town Council and the District Officer at Nadi for what the party claims were irregularities and malpractices in the recent municipal elections.

Labour officials have filed the writ in the Lautoka High Court calling for fresh elections in the Namaka Ward, which elected the current mayor and president of the Nadi branch of the National Federation Party, Salesh Mudliar.

Labour received the least number of votes for the ward in the municipal elections and lost to the NFP by 280 votes.

Labour claims trustee nominees from outside the town boundary were registered for the elections.

Labour also claims that a number of voter registrations were bogus and the District Officer who was the Returning Officer for the elections took no heed of their concerns.

Mayor Mudliar says they have taken legal advice and will fight the case.

He says Labour took similar legal action in 1996 which was a waste of time and money.