19 Dec 2005

Deadline looms in crisis of Fiji ex-soldiers in Bougainville

7:24 am on 19 December 2005

According to reports from Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, a group of former Fiji soldiers has until tonight to leave the province.

The six have been giving military training to supporters of the money scheme manager, Noah Musingku, at Tonu, in an area held by Me'ekamui rebels near Siwai in the south of Bougainville.

The district officer in Arawa, Otto Naruka, has said Me'ekamui commanders and local people now want the Fijians to go.

A source told the Post Courier newspaper the people of Siwai were now fed up with all the empty promises that Mr Musingku has made to them.

Mr Musingku has been accused of using the name of Me'ekamui as a shield of protection against angry investors.