20 Dec 2005

Water being shipped to some relocated after volcanic eruption on Ambae in Vanuatu

6:22 pm on 20 December 2005

The Vanuatu Government and NGOs, including the Red Cross, are working to ensure there is enough water for the three thousand people relocated on Ambae Island after Mount Manaro began erupting last month.

The fifteen relocation centres set up on the coast of Ambae will stay until scientists monitoring the volcano give the all clear.

A water and sanitation engineer with the Red Cross, Victoria Fray, says Ambae relies on rainwater, and given the current dry spell, a priority is ensuring an alternative supply of water to two of the camps.

"They are running low on water and their water needs to be shipped in...and it's a remote part of the island. Land access is virtually impossible so the only way to get there is by ship, so we are shipping water into them at the moment."

Victoria Fray.