22 Dec 2005

PNG community says people frustrated by squatters at Lae and want them out

7:20 pm on 22 December 2005

A community group from Lae have threatened to sabotage power and water to the Papua New Guinea city if authorities do not evict settlers on the outskirts.

Ahi leader, Benson Nablu, was recently attacked by settlers and has been campaigning for them to be removed.

The community is angry because the Provincial Governor Luther Wenge says no evictions will take place as not all settlers are criminals and the land issue is complex.

Mr Nablu says he is frustrated because he says the governor had originally promised to move the settlers.

"I think we have played a responsible game whereby we are saying we have to use what is legally available to us to correct the problem of law and order and if that is not available now, well we can't be a sitting duck forever can we?"

Benson Nablu says the governor has shown that he cannot be trusted to keep his word.

Mr Wenge has instructed police to keep an eye on local power and water sources.