23 Dec 2005

Cook Islands politician reported to be selling illegal copies of King Kong film

11:23 am on 23 December 2005

A Cook Islands politician could face legal action after reportedly peddling a pirated rip-off of Peter Jackson's 'King Kong' film.

The Cook Islands News reports that within four days of the film's international premiere a local bootleg DVD of 'King Kong' was on sale for $20 from Warehouse Sales owned by Piho Rua, an independent member of parliament.

As a result, the actual movie is being rushed to Rarotonga for official screening on Christmas Day.

Mr Rua has been accused of unethical and immoral reproduction of the movie, and it's understood United International Pictures are preparing possible legal action against him.

But local legal experts believe Mr Rua can justify his rip-off because outdated copyright laws in the Cook Islands do not extend to intellectual property protection for digital material like DVDs.