23 Dec 2005

Brother of Fiji coup frontman says no more coup investigations

2:22 pm on 23 December 2005

The brother of the Fiji coup front man, George Speight, and minister for lands says police investigations into the coup are meaningless and should have been stopped a long time ago.

The Fiji Times reports that Samisoni Tikonisau made the comment after police said they would interview another 18 people on the 2000 coup following a statement by a former coup convict, Maciu Navakasuasua.

Mr Tikonisau says the investigations do not have any meaning any more and his Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua party dies not agree that police should investigate those who financed the coup.

Mr Tikonisau says all those involved have stood trial and been sent to prison and it should end there.

He says the majority of indigenous Fijians want the coup investigations stopped.

He says investors are still wary of the instability in the country which, he says, has stemmed from the coup investigations and the accompanying uncertainty.

Mr Tikonisau says the focus now should be on rebuilding the nation and following up on the government's peace plan.