10 Jan 2006

Fiji to introduce "de-stressing" holidays

11:14 am on 10 January 2006

In what is a new development in Fiji's rapidly expanding tourist industry, three overseas investors have leased land on two remote islands to set up resorts for what are described as "de-stressing" holidays.

The Fiji Times reports that a London immunologist, a Dunedin businessman and a London solicitor have teamed up to lease land on the Nanukulevu Island in the Northern Lau Group and another area in the Malima islands 72 km to its south.

They will feature get-away-from-it-all tourist facilities and surfing areas.

The chief executive of the Fiji Visitors Bureau, Bill Gavoka, says de-stressing by business people is a new segment in the tourism package with a sales potential to bring in millions of dollars.