16 Jan 2006

French authorities refer 2006 French Polynesia budget to accounts office

11:15 am on 16 January 2006

The French authorities in French Polynesia have decided to refer the 2006 budget presented by the territorial administration to the local accounts office in Papeete.

The decision was announced in a statement, saying it was in line with provisions of the autonomy statute.

The French high commission says the 1.3 billion US dollar budget is a complex document that needs to be analysed.

And it says with the legal challenges raised with the courts in Paris the budget has to be checked by experts.

Last week, government MPs accused the opposition led by Gaston Flosse and the French state of destabilisation for referring the budget to the French supreme court.

They alleged that the step was taken because the French state never thought that Mr Flosse's party could lose power.