24 Jan 2006

American Samoa government confirms that price gouging occurs in territory

6:52 pm on 24 January 2006

The American Samoa Attorney General, Sialega M. Togafau, says a government task force has found that price gouging occurs in the territory.

Sialega today testified before the Senate Economic Development Committee which is considering a measure to prohibit the practice of price gouging.

He did not give any specific examples of businesses charging excessively.

The committee chairman, Senator Alo Dr. Paul Stevenson said many people have complained about price gouging, expecially in building materials.

He says some firms hike their prices by 100 percent following recent cyclones.

Sialega says the proposed bill will give the government the authority to deals with price gouging, which he said has surfaced since cyclone Ofa in the late 1980s and Va in 1991.