25 Jan 2006

Calls for action over stranded American Samoan soldiers returning from Iraq

2:14 pm on 25 January 2006

There is a call in American Samoa for the government to help more than 90 soldiers who are stranded in Honolulu after returning from service in the Iraq war.

The soldiers from Bravo and Charley companies can't get flights because Hawaiian Air is fully booked.

Judy Taufetee, a member of the Bravo support group, says there are no plans for the military to put on a flight.

"It is frustrating, we're not getting any answers from anybody. So they were so fast in coming to take our soldiers to combat, and now they are taking their sweet little time to getting our soldiers home."

Judy Taufetee says the soldiers are hoping civilian travellers may give up their seats on the flights.