28 Jan 2006

Strengthen laws to stop underage prostitution in PNG, government urged

8:26 am on 28 January 2006

The head of the parliamentary inquiry into the entertainment industry in Papua New Guinea says tougher laws are needed to stop illegal activities.

The inquiry was launched this week because the government had become concerned about the number of illegal night clubs and centres that were opening.

Dr Bob Danaya says many of the clubs are housing activities linked to underage prostitution.

"Some of these activities we never even heard of or saw before that have been happening in other countries are now coming into Papua New Guinea, like strip shows, escort girls or hostesses, mud-wrestling, wet t-shirts and so forth like that and because of very tough economic times the families are affected."

Dr Danaya says licensing laws need to be toughened as do immigration and labour regulations.

Dr Danaya says in the community meetings they have held the inquiry has been told foreign influences are having a negative affect in PNG.

A lot of this is coming particularly from Asia and one of the Arch-Bishops from the Catholic church and other churches have expressed that. A lot of these entertainment centres are just coming up over night, you know.