1 Feb 2006

Solomons provincial premier concerned about border security

5:12 pm on 1 February 2006

The deputy premier of Western Province in Solomon Islands, Holoti Panapio, has expressed concern about border security.

Last Thursday, a group of Bougainvillean men from the Papua New Guinea island crossed into Solomon Islands for an armed robbery at a logging camp on Ovau island.

The Bougainvilleans stole equipment and one man was assaulted.

Mr Panapio says the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands is responsible for all border patrols.

"Well we have concerns, but we don't have the logistics so that's why we rely on the RAMSI. They are the ones who look after the border patrolling and we sort of work alongside them."

The deputy premier of the Solomon islands Western Province, Holoti Panapio

Three officers from the Royal Solomon islands police force are investigating the incident.