1 Feb 2006

Convicted American Samoan top official to repay US$39,000

7:39 pm on 1 February 2006

An evidentiary hearing in American Samoa's High Court has settled the amount of restitution that former Chief of Procurement, Faau Seumanutafa, has to pay to the American Samoa Government.

Seumanutafa who began serving a jail term at the Tafuna Correctional Facility on January 9th, will now pay 39,000 US dollars to the government instead of the 80,000 dollars that was quoted when he was sentenced

The Assistant Attorney-General Frederick Obrien told the court that the government had withheld payment for construction contracts undertaken by Seumanutafa's company for the Department of Public Safety and Department of Education.

The court then ruled that the withheld payments would count towards Seumanutafa's restitution bill.