1 Feb 2006

Fiji official expects election in November

7:42 pm on 1 February 2006

Fiji's supervisor of elections is predicting that the general election due this year will be held in November if all goes according to plan.

But Radio Fiji also quotes Semesa Karavaki as saying that an earlier election is the prerogative of the prime minister.

Mr Karavaki says the life of the current parliament ends in September after which the president will have to file a writ of elections.

The election will then have to be held within 51 days of the filing.

Mr Karavaki adds that an early election can be called by the prime minister for political reasons, such as that the popularity of his party is high and he wants to take advantage of it.

He says if this is done, his office would have to rise to the challenge of preparing for it, but there are operational risks