2 Feb 2006

Prosecutors drop case against Fiji man over alleged threatening phone calls

9:13 am on 2 February 2006

The office of Fiji's director of public prosecutions says there is insufficient evidence to prosecute a man who allegedly made threatening telephone calls to the prime minister last year.

Others targeted in the calls, made at the height of one of the military's standoffs with the government, were the minister for home affairs, the attorney general and the chief executives of the Prime Minister's Office and the ministry of home affairs.

Radio Legend quotes the DPP lawyer Ashishna Prasad as saying that the DPP has considered all the evidence forwarded by the police and found that it is not sufficient to lay any charges.

The file will now go back to police for further investigation.

The minister of home affairs, Josefa Vosanibola, last week publicly questioned the integrity of the DPP's Office over the delay in laying charges against the person who allegedly made the threatening calls.