6 Feb 2006

Public servants step down in Solomon Islands to pursue election campaigns

8:09 am on 6 February 2006

A number of Solomon Islands public servants have resigned from their positions to stand as candidates in the upcoming general election.

The permanent secretary of the public service department, Ishmael Avui, says although total numbers are not yet known, he believes it to be at least ten.

In Solomon Islands, public servants must resign three months before an election in which they wish to stand.

Mr Avui says it's a big decision to run for office, particularly as they may not win.

"Public service regulation is clear. If you want to go into politics, you got to resign. There is no question about on unpaid leave as such. They can apply back but again they have to compete with other applicants if there are vacancies in the public service."

The election date has not yet been announced, but is expected to be late March or early April.