14 Feb 2006

Forum Fisheries Agency to link with new international fisheries organisation

8:36 pm on 14 February 2006

The legal officer for the Forum Fisheries Agency believes the planned establishment of a South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation will protect areas and species not covered by established agencies like the FFA and the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.

Manu Tupou Rosen says the two agencies deal with highly migratory species whereas the new organisation will look after non migratory species, and conservation and management initiatives for the South Pacific region.

Mrs Rosen says the FFA supports the three sponsor countries New Zealand, Australia, and Chile, for specific reasons.

"As you know there is a great need to manage the stocks on the high seas, the discreet high stocks and the straddling stocks that are currently not being managed by existing fisheries management organisations, so for future meetings what FFA's role will be will be to support its member countries, provide briefs and what ever as appropriate"




Manu Tupou Rosen.