15 Feb 2006

Squatter resettlement project applies for government funding in Fiji

2:14 pm on 15 February 2006

A Rotary project to construct homes in Fiji's west to help resettle squatters is hoping for government funding to continue with stage two.

The project has already built 70 homes on 82 lots at Naikabula, close to Lautoka, with a sewage system, roading, and a community centre housing a kindergarten.

Project leader, Peter Drysdale, says the squatter population is continuing to grow and he has secured another 20 acres to build more houses.

But, he says he is yet to hear whether his application for government funding has been successful.

"I need to know. I have to have funds to be able to supply these people. The government's machinery need to mesh and quickly, and get me an official notice, at least a statement of intent. I don't need all those funds up front, it can be staged over the next 12 months but I do need at least an indication, that at least these funds are a definite."

Mr Drysdale says he's applied for approximately 290,000 U.S. dollars to get stage 2 under way.