17 Feb 2006

Opposition party in French Polynesia says failed budget is an embarrassment for President

9:22 am on 17 February 2006

The opposition party in French Polynesia says President Oscar Temaru should liaise more with France and spend less time travelling the world, in order to avoid more budget problems.

Four judges in the territory's audit chamber ruled the 2006 budget was imbalanced after the budget was referred to them by the High Commissioner.

The Union for Democracy, led by president Oscar Temaru, pushed through a budget of higher spending and tax reforms as part of its policy to make the territory more financially independent from France.

The government must now present a new budget to the assembly in a month's time.

The spokesman for the Tahoeraa Huiraatira party, Yves Haupert, says the situation is an embarrassment for President Temaru.

"We don't know where he can find this money so he has to make some economy. I think they don't want so early to make economy. They have employed alot of people in the ministers and this is a real problem, they have a problem to make the good choice and definite priorities."