31 Mar 2006

NZ aid review report points to lack of coordination

2:23 pm on 31 March 2006

The executive director of New Zealand's Council for International Development, Rae Julian, says a new report points to a lack of co-ordination in the New Zealand government's international policies.

The report by academic Marilyn Waring investigated whether NZAID is following the path set by Cabinet.

She says there is a lack of policy coherence and the general co-ordination of activities among government departments working internationally.

Ms Julian says the report has highlighted the differences between NZAID's emphasis on basic education, while the Ministry of Education continues awarding tertiary level scholarships, which tend to favour the elite.

Similar contradictions are identified between NZAID's development perspective on international trade policy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's trade liberalisation stance.

Ms Julian says the report also found NZAID's aim of poverty elimination, of listening to voices from developing countries and working in partnership with them to reach their own development goals, was not universally supported.