3 Apr 2006

Electioneering in full swing in Solomon Islands

9:49 am on 3 April 2006

Political rallies are expected to continue up to and including the day of general elections in Solomon Islands.

Linda Skates reports fom Honiara.....

"A series of election rallies were held across the weekend in Honiara, as well as throughout the rest of the country. Campaign teams are making full use of what little time is left to convince voters to support their candidate, and they'll be present on election day itself but at some distance from the 810 polling booths. The chief electoral officer says 80 domestic and 50 international monitors will observe the election and he is asking police to escort the ballot boxes to counting centres. Counting won't begin until the following day - on the sith - and in some cases until 3 days later in the more remote areas. Then the newly-elected MPa will begin arriving in Hoiara for the negotiations over party support and the forming of a government."