4 Apr 2006

Solomon Islands High Court will rule on RAMSI

8:16 am on 4 April 2006

A decision will be handed down in Solomon Islands High Court today on whether a case challenging the act which allowed RAMSI into the country can proceed.

The case, which was brought by Andrew Nori, challenges the constitutionality of the Facilitation act which parliament passed to allow the Regional Assistance Mission or RAMSI, to enter the country.

It also questions the legality of whether the Police Participating Force, the PPF, should be operating alongside the Royal Solomon Islands police on the grounds there's no basis to have two police forces.

Today, a High Court judge will rule on whether or not it should be struck out, as requested by RAMSI and the Solomon Islands government, or it can proceed.

High level RAMSI officials are describing the challenge as frivolous and vexatious.