4 Apr 2006

Solomons first governor general urges voters to put the nation first

1:27 pm on 4 April 2006

The first governor general of Solomon Islands, Sir Baddeley Devesi has said, on the eve of the election, that the nation is at a critical crossroads.

In a nationwide appeal Sir Baddeley has urged all voters to choose their new national representatives carefully when they go to the polls tomorrow.

He says the choices Solomon Islanders make tomorrow will determine not just the country's immediate future but the future for generations to come.

In a rare public statement from the elder statesman Sir Baddeley asked all voters to put the interests of the nation first when they vote.

He called on people to heed the calls for a clean election and not to be swayed by empty promises or bribes or gifts of any kind.

Sir Baddeley says the new government will either lead the nation down the path of economic recovery, political stability and national healing or an unknown path to an uncertain future of increasing hardships.