5 Apr 2006

Voting in Solomon Islands peaceful

4:50 pm on 5 April 2006

The voting in Solomon Islands general elections is continuing in a peaceful manner.

With just under two hours to go before polling stations close, police say the situation is quiet and there are no incidents to report.

Election officials at Fox Wood in North Guadalcanal have explained the new single ballot box system to each voter and who the candidates are for those who can't read the paper.

And, at one of the polling booths in White River on the outskirts of Honiara, a local monitor, Martin Moala, says from what he's seen, it's going very well.

"I have been a team leader for Honiara, Honiara domestic observers, so I had to check all the polling stations, 60 polling stations in Honiara. So, I showed them that it was very easy for them. One by one, coming in. It was very good."

Martin Moala.