6 Apr 2006

Observer says to ensure aid money is well spent Vanuatu politicians need a national vision

8:17 pm on 6 April 2006

The Vanuatu chapter of Transparency International says there is a need for politicians with a national vision to ensure the country's economy develops.

An Australian think tank, the Centre for Independent Studies, says a generation of foreign aid funding to Vanuatu has been wasted with the money largely swallowed up by a bloated bureaucracy.

The President of TI in Vanuatu, Marie Noelle Ferrieux Patterson, says much of the analysis is correct with the rural areas receiving little benefit from the aid spending.

She says few politicians have a vision beyond their clan group.


IN:......The clan system that is where you really work for a small group and then the individualistic system where you just work for ourself, so what is left after is we totally lose a global vision for the country and the decisions are not taking anymore for a better Vanuatu but are taken for the political party or for filling up their pockets.



Ms Ferrieux Patterson says it is hoped a major new aid scheme revealed last month by the Millennium Challenge Corporation will succeed in tackling rural poverty.