11 Apr 2006

Foreign observers arrive for Fiji elections

3:46 pm on 11 April 2006

The first of over 70 observers who will monitor Fiji's general elections next month have arrived.

The supervisor of elections, Semesa Karavaki, has told the Fiji Times observers from the European Union are already in the country.

Mr Karavaki says his office has also received confirmation that a delegation from the Commonwealth will monitor the elections.

He says there will also be observers from Australia, New Zealand, the Forum Secretariat and a six-member team from the Pacific Institute of Advanced Studies in Development and Governance of the USP.

Meanwhile, the Elections Office has expressed concern that they have been unable to register Fiji police officers serving in Kosovo.

Mr Karavaki says he had been hoping that Fiji embassies close to Kosovo would get the officers registered but the electoral rolls have closed and it is now too late.

A team from the Elections Office has registered Fiji citizens working in the Middle East but did not go into high risk areas where there is constant gunfire.