13 Apr 2006

Minor change in Samoa's preliminary vote count

3:49 pm on 13 April 2006

The official count of the 2006 general election in Samoa is still under way and won't be completed until early next week.

But the final count in one territorial constituency in Savaii is understood to have put another independent into Parliament.

With more here is our correspondent in Apia Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

"A total of 92 special votes were included in the final count for Gaga'emauga Number 3 constituency, where the runner up from the night of the election, Galuvao Viliamu is now the winner, according to reliable sources from the election office. He is an independent candidate but is supporting the ruling HRPP party. This is the first change in results since the final count started nearly two weeks ago. Viliamu had 412 votes from the night of the election, but the final count gives him 481, while former MP Leota Lu II who held the seat had 464 votes. Leota had won the seat since the 1991 election. He was a Sports Minister in the ruling HRPP Cabinet in 1996 to 2001 parliamentary term. Meanwhile the change doesn't affect the HRPP's grip on the parliament - it still the support of 35 of the 49 MPs."