9 May 2006

Fiji mobile company unable to stop spam messages

9:56 am on 9 May 2006

Fiji's only mobile phone company says it is not able to stop the spamming of text messages from Australia calling on people in Fiji to vote for the Labour Party.

Radio Fiji reports that the messages say that if people want cheaper mobile phone rates, they should vote Labour which will remove the monopoly to bring charges down to as low as 5-cents a minute.

The radio quotes Vodaphone Fiji's general manager, Aslam Khan, as saying that although this is an abuse, they cannot stop people from sending and receiving text messages as they are paying for the service.

Fiji's supervisor of elections, Semesa Karavaki, says he will refer the matter to the police so they can track the source of the text messages.

Mr Karavaki says if people are using the text as a means of campaigning, then it is a gross violation of the Electoral Act.