11 May 2006

Cooks mayor says Aitutaki supports Survivor project

3:27 pm on 11 May 2006

The Mayor of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands says his people are supportive of the potential use of their land for a new Survivor TV programme.

Teokotai Herman has been in negotiations with representatives of the creators of Survivor, from US-based company CBS, who are currently in Cook Islands.

A public meeting was held in Aitutaki last night to allay public concerns over the possiblity of the series being shot there.

Mr Herman says landowners who object to Survivor's use of their land are a minority...

"If it's going to take place here, everybody will be waiting for it to happen! It's a big marketing tool for us really, advertising Cook Islands worldwide. We've checked their records where ever they've been and in fact they've got a very clean record as regards to environmental impact - very clean."

However, neither Teokotai Herman or CBS would confirm whether Aitutaki will be the location for Survivor series number 13, due to start later this year.

An annnouncement is expected about the location on Sunday after the final of the current series in Panama.