13 May 2006

Motion of no-confidence in Vanuatu government withdrawn

9:52 am on 13 May 2006

Vanuatu's government says a motion of no-confidence against it has been withdrawn by the Speaker of Parliament.

The opposition lodged its fourth motion of no-confidence in Ham Lini's government with the Speaker of parliament on Thursday.

The deputy leader of opposition, Moana Carcasses, said the motion had the support of 29 members of the 52-seat parliament, including 11 from the government side.

However, Government spokesman Patrick Crowby says the Speaker sent back the motion due to questions over the authenticity of the signatures and because the numbers calling for parliament to reconvene came up short.

"They sent in a list of 29 members of parliament, but seven of the members - they don't have original signatures, they just have only photocopies of the signatures. The other point is that seven members on the government side withdrew their signature on the motion so they don't have anymore, the numbers required to call an extraordinary session."

Patrick Crowby says calling for parliament to convene requires original signatures, not photocopied ones.