15 May 2006

UNDP backing small business development for Nauru

7:31 pm on 15 May 2006

The United Nations Development Programme wants to foster small businesses on Nauru.

As its contribution to the restoration of the once wealthy island's economy, the UNDP is working on improving governance and encouraging the current trend to open government.

Richard Dictus of the UNDP says a second element of their programme is to help stimulate business activity by setting up a framework for small enterprise development.

He says this would focus on the service needs on Nauru such as motor mechancis, house repairs and food production, as well as isolating possible export opportunities.

"So the idea is to try and help the government and the relevant ministry in developing some concepts and ideas. How they can make this dream of small enterprise development and stronger economic development - a diversification away from the phosphate industry - how can we make that happen for them?"