19 May 2006

Bougainville government expects Fiji "advisers" to leave soon

10:10 am on 19 May 2006

The president of the Autonomous Government in Bougainville says the five Fijian ex-soldiers have cut their ties with U-Vistract conman Noah Musingku and now want to leave the Papua New Guinea province.

Joseph Kabui says the five men had been helping Mr Musingku train his men because they had been offered large amounts of money.

However Mr Kabui says the Fijians, who have been asked to leave PNG a number of times, now want out of the deal because there is no sign they will be paid.

"I think they are still living in close vicinity of one another but I believe the relationship is already beginning to fall about from this indiciations that the Fijians are of course trying to find their way out. I believe they realise there is no money around because there is no pay out."

Mr Kabui says he will leave it up to police to decide whether the men will be offered amnesty from prosecution if they hand themselves in.