19 May 2006

Vanuatu Disaster office to send water supplies to volcano-affected area

1:56 pm on 19 May 2006

Vanuatu's National Disaster Management Office says the volcano eruption on Lopevi remains graded as level 2 volcanic activity.

Meanwhile, reports have indicated that the heavy ashfall that nearby islands of Paama and Amrbym were experiencing has eased.

A spokesman at the Disaster office, Esron Molisa, says four police officers from Lugainville were deployed to the area to report to them on the Lopevi situation earlier this week.

But Mr Molisa says that due to communications problems, they haven't had an update since yesterday as they try to monitor the progress of the eruption.

However he says the office will send a team, joined by scientists from the Department of Geology and Mines this weekend, who will also take relief supplies.


IN:......The food is not yet the problem now. They still have food. But the problem is the water... we need to send in some containers, even fill up some water from Vila and send it to the island.

DUR:...16 sec

Meanwhile, Esron Molisa says a small volcanic eruption has happened on Tanna which they're awaiting updates on.