19 May 2006

Indonesia urged to take action for proper health care for Papuans

12:06 pm on 19 May 2006

An Australian academic says concrete steps need to be taken urgently to ensure proper health care and development are addressed in Papua.

John Wing, a Development anthropologist and senior research fellow at the University of Sydney's Centre for Peace and Conflict studies, says Papua needs to be demilitarised and become a land of peace for development to happen there.

Mr Wing says Indonesia should stop prevaricating and allow access to international experts and humanitarian agencies to address the health crisis in Papua where there are a number of deadly disease outbreaks.

But he says you cannot have safe investment and working environments for foreigners while you have a military like the TNI running affairs in the province...


IN:......Causing a lot of feelings of fear and intimidation - not only against the local community but against outsiders. So the military's role must be removed, must be curtailed, and allow access for foreign experts to come in and work freely without any climate of fear and intimidation


John Wing