23 May 2006

America Samoa's Governor disappointed at local cannery company

9:41 am on 23 May 2006

America Samoa's Governor Togiola Tulafono says he is disappointed that the Star-Kist Samoa cannery is blaming the government for the company not being able to secure workers

Star-Kist's Samoa general manager Brett Butler's blames local immigration laws for the reason the cannery is unable to find workers.

But, Togiola says his administration has done all it can to help the canneries to recruit more workers.

He pointed out that the government issued a special provision to existing immigration laws by reducing the qualifying time of foreigners applying for jobs from 12 months residence to six months.

Mr Butler told Senators last week that the immigration stand-off between the two Samoas has affected Star-Kist Samoa's ability to recruit 200 more workers needed for their production line.