23 May 2006

Tonga's PSA unhappy with Cabinet reshuffle

9:23 am on 23 May 2006

Tonga's Public Servants Association says its is unhappy with the new Cabinet reshuffle announced by the Prime minister last week.

And, it says it has discussed taking new strike action if the government does not respond to their concerns and call for reconsideration of the new ministerial appointments.

The union says it will present a letter to Crown Prince Tupouto'a tomorrow outlining their concerns over the new Ministerial appointments and cabinet reshuffling of May 16.

The Secretary of the PSA, Mele Amanaki says it has highlighted two main agendas they will be proposing in their letter.

She says, one is for the reconsideration of the recent appointments of Ministers and the Ministerial reshuffling.

And, she says secondly, for the Government to consider and support the political reform process for the people of Tonga to elect the Prime Minister and Ministers.

However, the PSA has stated it will give Government 14 days to respond to their concerns otherwise they would go on a national strike.