24 May 2006

American Samoa authorities to issue special radios to territory's villages

10:20 am on 24 May 2006

American Samoa authorities are to issue another 200 radio receivers used for emergency weather alerts to every village in the territory.

50 of the radios, which can be activated and/or tuned to the Emergency/Weather Broadcast System frequency at the push of button, were distributed late last year.

The Director of the Territorial Office of Homeland Security, Leiataua B. Alailima, says the extra radios will be distributed once the broadcast and alert signal has been boosted to provide coverage to the Manu'a Islands.

To strengthen broadcast reach, Leiataua said the system will be outfitted with a new broadcast antenna designed with a secondary or redundant system - should the primary fail.

He has urged every household in the territory to purchase an emergency radio receiver to pick up the signal in the event that alerts are issued.